IPv6 migration has been dragging on for a decades now and there’s no end in sight for this migration to complete. Huge software companies like Amazon are buying even more IPv4 addresses to continue to support IPv4 users. Given the current stance of corporations and many governments it seems that Internet will forever be split into two protocols.

Worldwide 45% of Internet users are on IPv6. This number is quite low if you take into consideration the fact that IPv6 was created almost 3 decades ago. The ISPs are deploying IPv6 at slow rate and many popular websites have no incentive to support IPv6 which in turn reduces rate of deployment of IPv6. It’s like chicken and egg problem.

On the other hand, the story of India is bit different. Most of the Internet deployment in India happened over the last decade and we already have 80% of our users on IPv6. India can actually force hand of foreign corporations and government to deploy IPv6 faster by switching off IPv4 Internet. Since millions of Internet users will be impacted by this the ISPs and websites will have no option but to support IPv6. This also presents an opportunity for Indian startups to step in and fill the void created by foreign sites who do not support IPv6.